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Frequently Asked Questions

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More about EvoShare

How does EvoShare work?

Now that you have a user account, you can find any of our 10,000+ participating online or local businesses in the dashboard.

To earn cash-back locally, all you need to do is link your existing debit or credit cards to your EvoShare account, activate the offers at participating stores or restaurants, and make your purchase.

The best way to earn cash-back online is by installing our browser extension or the EvoShare app. The browser extension notifies you of cash-back offers while you browse the web. When you go to a site with an offer, simply click on the browser extension pop-up to activate the cash-back and shop as usual. The app works for both online and offline shopping.

You’ll accumulate cash-back while going about your daily spending.

How does EvoShare help me get ahead?

EvoShare’s mission is to give everyone, regardless of income level, a sustainable source of funds for their financial future. We give you cash-back toward your financial goals while you shop at participating online and local businesses or make travel bookings.

If you spend online with a partnered merchant, you can receive up to 20% cash back. If you spend at a participating shop or restaurant, you can get up to 15% of your purchase back. With EvoShare Travel, the cash-back amounts are even higher. This is money you’ve never had before!

Is there a mobile app?

Yes! The mobile app lets you find local offers near you when you’re out and lets you do your online shopping when you’re at home - plus you can check your balance and add to your savings with a click.

What provisions do you have in place to keep my information safe?

EvoShare is PCI compliant and has bank-level security measures in place to protect our clients’ information. EvoShare also does not store personal banking or debit/credit card information. Furthermore, we have completed and passed a 10-month due diligence process with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express through a third-party service provider, Empyr.

Getting started

Are there any products similar to EvoShare out there?

EvoShare is the premier cash-back savings program. While other programs may put cash-back in your pocket, it’s often too easy to spend it. EvoShare is structured in a way to support your financial wellness from day one.

How many credit/debit cards can I link to EvoShare?

There is no limit! You can connect all your credit/debit cards to ensure you don’t miss out on any cash-back opportunities.

Managing your EvoShare Account

Can I use my cash back toward someone else’s financial goals?

Yes, you can earn cash-back on behalf of someone else.

What are the tax implications of EvoShare’s cash-back?

EvoShare cash-back is not taxable according to the IRS.

How can I close my account?

If you no longer wish to fund your financial future without changing your spending habits, you can Contact Us to close your account.

General Cash-back

How is EvoShare able to offer cash-back?

We have integrated with the top affiliate networks in the world. Affiliate networks specialize in aggregating merchants that agree to pay a commission per sale.

Every time an EvoShare user makes a purchase at a participating online and local merchant, EvoShare is paid a commission on that sale by the merchant. EvoShare keeps a small portion of that commission and gives the rest to users as cash-back.

What happens when I select Daily Microsavings?

Daily Microsavings allows you to save bite size amounts that can make a BIG impact on your financial goals. We will track your microsavings amount daily and debit your bank account every time you reach $10 or more of Daily Microsavings.

Why did my daily microsavings stop?

If we receive an error from your bank or are missing banking information when we try to pull your microsavings, we will temporarily stop your Daily Microsavings while sending you emails to correct your banking.

What happens when the Daily Microsavings amount is deducted from my bank account?

Your Daily Microsavings amount will be sent to your destination fund based on your chosen contribution schedule. Your Daily Microsavings will accrue in your EvoShare account, and on your pre-determined contribution date they are automatically moved into your destination fund.

Why are Daily Microsavings important?

On top of the cash-back you’re already earning through EvoShare, you have the option to save a little extra everyday toward your destination fund. The value of your Daily Microsavings can add up overtime. Saving a little now, to have a bit more for the future, that’s the power of Daily Microsavings.

How long does it take for cash-back to show up in my account?

Usually it takes no longer than 7 days for cash-back to be deposited into your EvoShare account. In the case of travel purchases such as flights booked through third-party sites, your cash-back will not be credited until after you complete your trip - up to 30 days after. Travel bookings made through our travel program are credited immediately.

Are you still adding to your merchant partners?

Our merchant network is growing by the day! We went from 500 participating merchants in early 2017 to now more than 10,000 participating merchants nationwide and 700,000 hotels worldwide.

How much cash-back can I earn through EvoShare?

You can earn up to 15% from local stores and restaurants, up to 20% from online sites and even higher percentages from EvoShare Travel bookings.

Want to see where you can power your future when you spend? Browse all the cash-back offers available from participating online and local merchants.